What I Do

Dr. Jill Silverman, Ph.D.

I offer 50 minute sessions, as well as extended sessions depending upon what best meets your needs.

Some examples of goals:

  • To enhance understanding of the relationship between mood, behavior and thoughts

  • To strengthen resilience to life’s challenges

  • To advocate for my patient’s needs

  • To increase insight

  • To improve one's ability to identify, understand and express emotions

  • To be able to adjust to new situations

  • To strengthen communication skills

  • To learn to cope in healthy ways

  • To learn to express concerns and fears in healthy ways

  • To understand the effect of illness

  • To navigate through life transitions (ex: changing schools, marriage, having children, changing or losing jobs, illness, moving, divorce, death)


Depending upon the situation, I meet with individuals, families, and couples.

Therapy provides the opportunity to address particular issues, as well as to grow psychologically and to sustain changes over time.