About Me

Dr. Jill Silverman, Ph.D. Psychologist

I bring to my work

a life-long interest in how we are affected by stress, whether that stress comes from our health, our lives, or our concerns. My undergraduate training was in biology and psychology, and I spent the earliest part of my career researching immunogenetics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I become increasingly interested in the impact of life changes and how we interpret and deal with psychological stressors and components of situations, including pain. I completed training in childbirth preparation and early parenting, and then earned a Masters in Social Work. After I joined the faculty of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, I was recruited into the Clinical Health Psychology program, offered by the College of Medicine and the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology

As my doctoral studies and research continued,

I understood that it is the suffering and distress that results from pain (physical, psychological and spiritual) that can throw people's lives out of balance. I believe my role a psychologist is to help people explore how suffering impacts our lives, how it affects our views of ourselves, and how it limits our ability to grow.

I have been providing psychotherapeutic services

for adults and adolescents for over 20 years as well as disaster mental health services for almost a decade. Whether I am working with an adolescent struggling with an eating disorder, or school issues, or the college process; or an adult going through a divorce, or trying to re-enter the work place; or anyone with depression, anxiety or problems resulting from trauma - the fundamental issues remain the same: people yearn for health and balance in their lives.


My purpose is this:

to help people establish a healthy balance in their lives that allows them to withstand the various challenges that come their way.


Professional Appointments:

9/04 – present: Adjunct Clinical Supervisor, Ferkauf Graduate School, Bronx, NY
2/04 – present: Associate Attending Staff – Department of Psychology, Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich, CT
11/02 – 2/04: Assistant Attending Staff – Department of Psychology, Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich, CT
9/93 – 5/96: Faculty Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY



Ph.D. Yeshiva University, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology - Clinical Health Psychology
M.A. Yeshiva University, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology - Psychology
M.S.W. New York University, School of Social Work
B.A. New York University, Washington Square College


Professional Affiliations:

American Psychological Association
Connecticut Psychological Association
New York State Psychological Association
Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Academy for Eating Disorders
American Academy of Pain Management
American Pain Society
American College of Forensic Examiners